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Modern Warfare 2v2 Tournament

Attention GTS members of Call of Duty! We will be having a 2v2 gunfight tournament Saturday Janurary 11 at 8pm CST.


  • All of our community members are welcome to participate
  • Bring your own team or we can choose someone on the day of for you to team with
  • It will be a double elimination
  • No hacking/exploiting
  • Hill and Pine will not be in rotation
  • If you sign up then you must show up – Not showing without informing us prior can result in you not being allowed into future tournaments.
  • Please show up 15 minutes before hand so we can get everyone settled

The prize will be 1000 COD Points for both of the players of the 2 winning teams! If you want to participate please state your name and teammate in “2v2 Tournament” Discord channel. If you want to participate and you do not have a teammate just put your name.